Esalen® Massage & Bodywork

175-Hour Training in Bali

Your study of massage will be complemented by daily meditation, chanting, yoga, chi gong, ecstatic dance, and other moving meditation practices. You will experience in your own body the qualities of aliveness and flowing presence central to this method. The process of self-exploration is a key element, grounding this practice in the experience of your own body, thereby transforming mere technique into a true healing art. The atmosphere and culture of Bali fit well with our intention to teach this method as a path toward healing.  As guests of the Balinese during this time, we will have our weekends free to explore the high mountains and hidden beaches of this magical island, absorbing both its tropical beauty and the grace of its people.

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Vibrance Movement practices include conscious dance, moving meditations, chi gong, and fitness.


Vibrance Sound practices include music making, singing, toning, mantra, and community song.


Vibrance Touch practices teach the foundations of essential touch and nourishing connection.


Vibrance Service is our practice of reciprocity and our commitment to give more than we take.

WE TRAVEL not to escape life.



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