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What do a wise witch, wandering Chexican, and a suburban housewife have in common?  Well, in this case the answer is we are all part of The Vibrance Collective!  What started out as SpiritDance, SoulSong is now an international platform that synthesizes cross-cultural healing modalities into a series of unique and impactful approaches to wellness.  Ellen Watson, Daphne Tse and Ashley  Johnson bring their creative and healing gifts together and invite you to the dance floor of life and the symphony of yourself.  

Ellen Watson

Co-Founder: The Vibrance Collective
Somatic Sorceress & High Priestess

Ellen is a globally recognized somatic, movement and healing arts educator. After certifying as a 5Rhythms® teacher with Gabrielle Roth, Ellen developed SpiritDance to incorporate her complementary practices in Esalen® Massage, Holotropic Breathwork™, Continuum Movement, Yoga, Clinical Hypnosis, Gestalt Awareness Practice, Singing Gestalt, and sound healing. She lived and worked at Esalen Institute for 30 years where she rebirthed and directed the Movement Arts Program. 

Decades of in-depth somatic arts study inform Ellen’s teachings: Esalen® Massage & Bodywork, Touching Essence™, Vibrance Practices (Dance, Song, Breathwork) along with various moving meditation practices. Ellen works closely with the faculties of Esalen Massage & Bodywork, Touching Essence & Vibrance to create innovative, edge-walking and timeless curriculum that remains as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago; only the technologies have changed that widen our ability to share with those hungry for our programs.


Daphne Tse

Co-Founder: The Vibrance Collective
Angel of Song and Prayer

Daphne Tse is a spirited, soulful musician and teacher. After falling in love with yoga more than 20 years ago, she has explored merging her spiritual practice with her music, combining mantras, folk and world music.   

She developed SoulSong to inspire everyone to sing the song that lies in their heart and awaken their true voice. She travels around the world, sharing her music and SoulSong teachings with performances and classes.


Ashley Johnson

Co-Founder: The Vibrance Collective
Creative Catalyst

Ashley Johnson is a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. She was born moving in the sacred rhythms of the earth and has also trained in ballet, tap, jazz, 5Rhythms, Soul Motion, and is Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. Ashley’s classes and workshops crack open constrictive patterns, inspire freedom in the body and mind and cultivate an expanded sense of creative possibilities. Her playful and integrative approach to creating community through singing and dancing catalyzes a transformative experience for students that results in an enlivened sense of well being. She lives in Lyons, Colorado where she can be found singing and dancing with her husband and three children.



Our mission is to offer opportunities for people to gather and experience in their bodies the gateways to freedom. Through guided practices in a safe, fun and supportive environment, we unlock your body’s innate wisdom to live a vibrant and creative life.  We like to think of it like turning your body into a compass!  Sign up below to start navigating towards the life you know is possible.  

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