with Ellen, Ashley and Daphne of the Vibrance Collective and DEBRA SILVERMAN

 Immerse and nourish yourself in the Elemental world of Kauai as we give thanks again and again for the wisdom brought to you by water, air, earth, fire, and ether.  This Thanksgiving join us as we start a new holiday tradition of bringing together our chosen Ohana (family) to celebrate, recalibrate and bring amplitude to our gratitude.  

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Better Together...

What do you get when you bring the wisdom of the stars together with the embodiment of the elements...  You get US!   Debra Silverman, the Vibrance Collective, and YOU!   We are dancing, singing, dreaming and praying in a new way of navigating the world that is aligned with the cycles of the sun and moon, attuned to our instincts and intuition, and trusting of the mystery.  We stand in awe together. 

The five elements are present all around and within you.  They are essential to all life.  You and the universe are formed by these five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether.   When they are in balance and you are in right relationship and conversation with them, your energy and well- being increase.  


It’s as easy as breathing, taking a shower, lighting a candle and eating.  As abiding in silence. You are already on the path…  you just have to bring your awareness to it.  This essential wisdom already lives inside you.  Water is wet, Fire is hot, Earth is solid, Air is everywhere, & Ether is your connection to Spirit.