Get Down to Rise Up!

2022: A New Beginning...


We are calling in 30 human beings to join us on our inaugural course of the Good VIBES ride. 

We'll meet you where you are... whether it be: 

Down and Outsville, Movin' and Groovin' Street, or Calling on Community Court.

In this VIBES beta course, we will experientially dig deeper into the five elements that make up the VIBRANCE framework.

We will gather from around the world virtually, as we explore tools and embodied practices of VIBRANCE (sound, movement, touch, writing and reflection) to reignite and invigorate your body, mind, spirit and soul as we begin again in 2022! 

Let's Rise together!

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  - Helen Keller


Good VIBES Beta Online Course

January 3 - February 7, 2022 (Mondays 6pm MST)

hosted by Ellen Watson, Ashley Johnson and Daphne Tse




Course Outline 


January 3:  Opening Session and Creating the Container with Ellen, Ashley and Daphne. 

January 10:  V - Vibration & Element of Water with Ellen

We will begin with the Water element with Vibration and Sensation... connecting to release the issues in our tissues!

 January 17:  I  -  Intention/Inspiration & Element of Air with Ellen, Ashley and Daphne

We then move to Air and bring the mind into resonance with the body via our Intentions.

January 24:  B -  Breath and Body & Element of Earth with Daphne

From there we root into Earth and build our daily Body and Breath practices that keep us energized and aligned.

January 31:   E -  Embody/Express & the Element of Fire with Ashley

In Fire, we celebrate and Express who we are in the world and the Vision we hold for ourselves and our communities. 

February 7:   S -  Spirit of Service & Element of Ether with Ellen, Ashley and Daphne

From this place of integration we ask... How can I Serve?

  • 6 - 90 minute Live ZOOM sessions - these will be recorded and available for listening afterwards.

  • An Understanding of the 5 Elements and how to apply them in daily life to increase vitality and well-being.

  • The good VIBES map for bringing Vocalization, Intention, Breath and Body work, Expression and Service into your life.

  • Weekly practices and recordings for integration of material.


I'm in. Sign me up!

When:  Six Consecutive Mondays

  1.  January 3:  Opening Session & Introduction with Ellen, Ashley and Daphne.  
  2. January 10:  V - Vibration & Element of Water with Ellen. 
  3. January 17:   I  -  Intention/Inspiration & Element of Air with Ellen, Ashley and Daphne 
  4.  January 24:  B -  Breath and Body & Element of Earth with Daphne 
  5.  January 31:  EEmbody/Express & the Element of Fire with Ashley  
  6.  February 7:  SSpirit of Service & Element of Ether with Ellen, Daphne, & Ashley 

Good VIBES Beta Online Course


  • Vocalization practices and exercises to empower your voice
  • Intention Setting and Inspiration for Creative Living
  • Breath and Body work to decrease anxiety, support muscle tone, and elevate mood
  • Writing for Reflection, Movement for Integration, and Songs for Celebration
  • Embodiment practices for increased vitality and presence
  • Develop your own unique daily practice
I want to join!


"The Vibrance Collective retreat delivered way above and beyond what we expected. Ashley, Ellen and Daphne know what is needed to heal our global family! A most safe, authentic, kind, and celebratory space was created, a space in which we truly got to lay down our day-to-day burdens, dance, sing, create, connect, and remember the truth of who we are. We left feeling great clarity around our own life trajectories, what it is we are here for, what our most authentic heartfelt values are, and with abundant inspiration to cultivate those!"
- Katya Slivinskaya