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In these FREE weekly sessions we offer experiences and tools that not only "up" the quality of your daily life, but also increase your capacity to sense the juiciness, softness, depth and breadth of every moment through sound, touch and movement. 

This thing called life, is, after all, just a great big long practice of being here and being present more and more, day-by-day and moment-by-moment.

By clicking below, you will gain access to tools that might just create some spaciousness and richness in between the moments of do-do-do. We've been collecting these tools from all over the world for many years and have seen the benefits in our own lives.


Turn up the Volume! 

Are you ready for a dose of Vitality?

Daphne, Ellen and Ashley- the founders of The Vibrance Collective (TVC) who bring decades of experience leading embodiment practices will alternate hosting the one hour sessions. 

In these 60 minute sessions you'll experience bite-sized experiential morsels of our larger program called VIBRANCE.

December Free Zoom Sessions: 

December 7th at 6PM MST with Daphne Tse

December 21st at 6PM MST with Ellen Watson

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Want to experience some spaciousness and drop in?

Join The Vibrance Collective for free hour long sessions via Zoom. Each session will incorporate experiential and practical tools that you can integrate into your daily practice. 

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